Monday, November 19, 2007

# 143 Draw an Herb or Spice

I chose one of my favorites....sage! I love the smell, taste and color of this herb....and I also love the name of it! This was done in watercolor and ink.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Challenge # 89: Buttons

As a military item collector, and also collector of buttons......someone I knew gave these two buttons to me. He said his father was in the navy during WWII, and the navy uniform button was his, and the he aquired the nazi uniform button during combat. I guess these could have also fit the antique catagory as well.
The scanner seems to brighten the image a I believe the color looks a little better in person....a little darker, as I had spent a considerable amount of time trying to get the tarnished, or bronzed color of the buttons. The scanner just brightened up the dark areas way too much. Perhaps I might take a photo instead.
This was done with ink and watercolor pencils.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Challenge # 92 : Bag N' Boots

It took me awhile to find a brown paper bag to do this challenge.....but I did find that was stored away most likely for years. I can't tell you when the last was that I received a paper bag at the grocery store.
I wanted to draw a smaller paper bag at first....I had some other ideas...but since I could not find a small bag, I had to use the larger grocery paper bag....and this was the idea I came up with. I took a pair of my boots.....I have no idea why......and slapped the bag down on top of them. This was done in watercolor and ink.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Challenge # 8: My Watch

This is the only accessory I wear. I love this watch. This drawing was done in graphite and ink.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Challenge # 73 : Mailbox

Well, I have been working on this one on and off for several days. I was undecided at first on whether or not to paint the building in the backround. I opted not to, because I wanted to the focus to be on the mailbox, as that was the challenge anyway. I just penciled in a bit of the building.
I don't have a mailbox...we get all our mail delivered to a PO Box, so I had to do a public mailbox. This is one that you might see if you were in Dublin, Ireland. I did this one in watercolor and ink, and had some trouble with the fine lettering getting blurry, but I just left it as is.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Challenge # 79 Ear

My second challenge for EDM, which is this week's challenge......draw an ear! So I did just that.....I drew my 7 year old son's ear.


Challenge # 37 : Keys

Ok, this is my first challenge I have finished for the Everyday Matters group. I guess I am not going in any particular order. The keys idea just seemed to grab my attention.
Some of the keys are real, and some are fictional.......I get a bit carried away sometimes. Let's see if you can guess which ones are which! lol